Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome To WOGZ Radio Blog & Website

We have created this blog for our website so you can visit it and read more about us.

Many of you are newcomers and I like to thank you for visiting our website. In it, you will find great information about who we are and want type of music we play.

We offer: Old School, Oldies, Top 40, Beach Music, Indie & Traditional Music.

At the same time, we are the only Internet Radio Station that's willing to pay you for listening to us. You can choose what level to participate in and start enjoying the music.

There are three levels to choose from:

Free Member - 1st level where YOU earn $.50 cents a hour!*

Level Two - YOU earn $1.00 a hour for listening to music!*

Level Three - YOU earn $2.50 a hour for listening to music!*

We have capped each level so YOU can only earn the amount that is designated.**

Our Program is FUN! SIMPLE & EASY! You just listen to music and get paid for it!

Like any other programs, there are rules & conditions to follow. Please read our terms & conditions.

You can advertise us through emails, classifieds, newspapers, flyers, etc. However; we DO NOT TOLERATE any forums.* (More information about this on following pages)

If you love music and like to earn EXTRA MONEY, simply read more about WOGZ Radio and see what we offer YOU!